The Code of Safe Operation

The Code of Safe Operation, a document designed by the market leaders of the sport, ZORB; is publicly available to all operators. This document is designed to provide a world-wide standard for people looking to set up their own globe riding site. It does not tell someone HOW to build and run a site, but tells them how to design a risk management plan to ensure safety standards are met.

Operators who read the code are requested to sign-on to identify that they are adhering to these safety standards. Those operators that have signed on will be publicly identified on this website so consumers can visit these sites knowing that their globe riding experience will be safe, fun and enjoyable.

The Code of Safe Operation can be downloaded here;

Do you comply with the Code of Safe Operations for plastic globes? Are you a signatory to the Code? If not, you (the customer) may be taking your life into your own hands. Remember; Insurance may not be available to those operators that do not comply with the Code.


Example of operation WITHOUT the Code of Safe Operations:

Lost Valley Second Test Run
Signatories to the Code of Safe Operation
Company / Site:  ZORB Rotorua
Date signed: June 2007


Company/Site:  ZORB Smoky Mountains
Date signed: <td>October 2007</td>