Sport & Devices

The Sport
Globe riding is the sport of rolling down a hill in a large inflatable globe. The sport of globe riding is undertaken at specially designed sites in which safety undermines their design and construction. These sites provide would-be participants with a safe way to enjoy the adventure activity.

There are a number of different ways in which globe riding can take place (see globe riding varieties under Devices). Specific sites offer differing globe riding options.


The Devices

The device used in globe riding is a double hulled inflatable ball, known as a globe or sphere, in which the participant is encased within the inner sphere. The pocket of air between the inner and outer sphere provide a soft cushion and protect the participant from the gentle bumps whilst they travel down the slope.

There are a number of variations of the globe that are manufactured. Single Harness, Double Harness, and no-harness globes provide a variety of forms of travel down the slope. There are a number manufacturers of these globes, although the quality of product among these manufacturers is wide ranging.
ZORB ltd were the inventors of the official device, the ZORB globe. A number of other manufacturers from around the world have attempted to copy this design and call it a ZORB ball (among other things) with varying results. The Chinese Manufacturers have proven to be the lowest quality with a number of instances in which the devices have fallen apart after only a few uses. As the saying goes; It’s too good to be true; – it probably is and you will be paying for what you get. Some unscrupulous manufacturers imply that they are official manufacturers of genuine ZORB globes or claim to have Zorb balls for sale. They are not, and do not.  These are fake devices – not ZORB globes.

Plascon Manufacturing is the only manufacturer of genuine ZORB globes. Plascon has received ;Warranty Claims; for these fake devices that have fallen apart on the first use. Manufacturers that offer worthless warranties are an issue for customers, and customers need to ensure that they avoid them. If you would like to report a faulty device or make a warranty claim, simply click “